Shadow of the Arisen

Shadow of the Arisen is the first book in a high fantasy trilogy with the following books to be released in 2017 and 2018.

Shadow of the Arisen

List Price: $9.99

Release: November 2016

Binding: Softcover

Book Description

A fallen city fell victim to a ravenous army of the dead has been festering, multiplying for a year unchecked. Now, the fallen city of Brigganden poses a threat to the neighboring lands.

Reza, a saren knight, and her elite scouts are dispatched to uncover the faceless army. Once inside the city walls, they begin to understand too late the danger they are in. As they Struggle to survive the rising tide of evil, fulfilling their mission becomes the least of their priorities. The dead know of their presence—and this evil hungers for more than just flesh and blood.

NOTE: The book is appropriate for teens and up: It contains a small amount of mild swearing, violence, and occult dark arts.

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